When should I start researching hospitals?
When should I adopt a prenatal diet?
When should I look into childbirth classes?
When should I begin considering cord blood banking?

These are some of the most important questions that expecting mothers and fathers ask themselves when they discover that they are going to have a babe. We understand how overwhelming preparing for your child's birth can be and keeping track of all of your responsibilities as expecting parents. That's why Insception Lifebank has developed a Pregnancy Checklist, a mobile checklist app which aims to help you keep track of appointments, special dates and other important events that take place before the birth of your child.

To keep you prepared, we've compiled an extensive list responsibilities parents must undertake during the preparation for parenthood. From picking out baby clothes to buying prenatal vitamins to researching paternity leave, our checklist includes everything that you'll want to remember and even things that you may have forgotten.

You can choose the tasks that you're interested in undertaking and add them to your own personalized, customizable checklist. The checklist can also be synced to your calendar, creating automatic notifications on important dates. This way, you don't have to worry about planning for the birth of your baby; you can start preparing right away!

Special Features

  • Fully customizable checklist
  • Synchronization with smartphone calendar
  • Automatically set alerts for each item
  • Strike out each item as you complete it

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