Collection Process

Collecting your baby's cord blood stem cells for storage is a quick and easy process – safe for both you and your newborn.

The collection itself, which takes less than 5 minutes, is clean, painless and does not interfere with your delivery. As with any birth, your doctor or midwife will clamp and cut the umbilical cord. They will disinfect a small area of the umbilical cord and insert the needle of the collection bag into the umbilical vein.

The cord blood will flow by gravity into the collection bag. This method is preferred by physicians and midwives for its ease of use and ability to achieve an optimal collection volume. The cord blood will be labelled and packaged by your nurse in preparation for pick up by Insception Lifebank’s medical courier.

Within two hours of your baby's birth, call Insception Lifebank to advise that cord blood has been collected.  Insception Lifebank will make arrangements for a medical courier to pick up your cord blood unit within 24 hours of receiving notification from you. Our staff will provide a confirmation call within 24 hours of receipt of your unit at our facility.