Study Proves Cord Blood's Effectiveness in Lupus Treatment

A new animal study suggests that umbilical cord blood maybe an effective treatment for systemic lupus erthematosus. In order to test the effectiveness of cord blood in the treatment of lupus, researchers provided cord blood tranplants to mice with diseases resembling systemic lupus erthematosus. The study revealed that cord blood could help to alleviate the diseases systems that most commonly lead to mortality.

According to researchers at the National Yang-Ming University School of Medicine, mensenchymal stem cells (MSCs) have immunomodulation properties, meaning they can modify the patient's immune system. This is especially useful when treating auto immune disorders such as lupus. These properties may help to stop the inflammation that is commonly caused by the disease.

The researchers also discovered a noticeable difference in the survival rates of mice treated at two months of age compared to those treated at six months of age. As is the case with many other diseases, the earlier cord blood is transplanted, the more effective it appears to be.

There is no word yet on whether or not a clinical trial will be conducted with human patients, but the positive results of this study lend themselves well to that possibility.