Wings of Hope

Give a patient in need a second chance at a healthy life through our Wings of Hope Program.

The Wings of Hope Medical Need Program was established many years ago by Dr.Barbara Cruickshank M.D., F.R.C.S.C, to offer compassionate support to families who might potentially require a stem cell transplant in an immediate family member within the year following an expected baby’s birth.  Approval has been on a case by case basis, conditional on the recommendation of the treating oncologist/haematologist that the cord blood unit might be required for transplant within one year of the birth of the donating newborn.

If a patient is approved, Insception Lifebank will waive the initial fee of $1125 associated with the expense of registering, processing and storing the cord blood unit for the first year. The client pays only for the courier fees to deliver the collection kit to the client and to transport the cord blood unit to Insception Lifebank’s laboratory. If the cord blood unit is not used within the first year for treatment, the family will then be responsible for the annual storage fee of $125 starting on the child's first birthday.

Steps to Refer a Family Member:

  1. A referral letter needs to be written/completed by the physician (oncologist) providing care to the individual requiring the cord blood unit for treatment.
  2. A letter to the referring physician.
  3. Download a copy of the referral letter and complete all the information listed below.
  4. Once completed by the physician, the letter should be faxed to the Insception Lifebank offices at: 905.206.2798 
  5. Upon receipt of the letter, Dr. Barbara Cruickshank will review the information and provide a decision regarding qualification.