Some of the big choices and most important planning and research that we’ll each do in our lifetime has nothing to do with school but everything to do with our future.

When we become expecting parents, our job is to ensure we’re making the best choices possible for our baby with the information available to us. This responsibility is among the reasons why we, at Insception Lifebank, take research and planning so seriously.

Even though Insception Lifebank has a 100% successful release rate of cord blood units, and have released more cord blood units than ALL Canadian cord blood banks combined, we understand and respect that parents need to feel confident that they’re choosing the right partner.

Here are a few simple questions to ask when researching a cord blood bank:

  • Do they offer cord blood and cord tissue banking?
  • Have they successfully released samples for transplant and treatment?
  • Are they accredited by both FACT and AABB?
  • Do they have offices across Canada?

Below, we’ve attached a simple chart to answer these important questions when considering where to bank your baby’s cord blood and cord tissue.

Cord Blood Buying Guide Screenshot

In addition to researching the banking process, we also want expecting parents to know that storing their baby’s stem cells for 18 years is more affordable than they think.

Well aware that every family has a different budget, our online pricing calculator can help parents calculate the payment plan that is best for their family.

Click here to download a quick summary of our pricing.

As you finalize your preparations to welcome your new addition, we hope that you’ll add banking with Insception Lifebank to the growing list of ways you’re making good choices for your family already.

As always, we’re here to answer any questions you have about the process – start to finish. Reach use by phone (1-866-606-2790) or email, anytime.

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