Canada at the Forefront Emerging Cell Therapy

Nolan Laberge had acute myeloid leukemia, an aggressive type of blood cancer. After several rounds of chemotherapy, Nolan received a stem cell transplant in May 2012. Nolan was deemed cured almost immediately after the transplant.

Umbilical cord blood transplant saved a boy’s life

Nolan Laberge had acute myeloid leukemia, an aggressive type of blood cancer. After several rounds of chemotherapy, Nolan received a stem cell transplant in May 2012. Nolan was deemed cured almost immediately after the transplant.

$114 Million for Revolutionary Regenerative Medicine Progam

Thanks to the federal government’s $114-million grant, Toronto has been firmly established as the leader of the pack when it comes to centers for the design and manufacture of cells, tissues and organs used to treat degenerative disease.

Ontario to invest $25M in stem cell research over next 5 years

Good news for stem cell research in Ontario over the next five years! During that time, Ontario will be investing $25 million dollars in stem cell research. It is the hope that this research will support a growing list of treatments for chronic diseases like cancer, MS and diabetes.

Gordie Howe Receives Second Stem Cell Treatment

After his second stem-cell treatment, Gordie Howe, is “comfortable and happy”, said The Hockey News.

In 2014, Howe, 87, had a series of strokes in, including a major one in October. After the stroke, Howe was treated with a stem-cell infusion which resulted in a miraculous recovery for the former hockey star.

TRU Baseball Player, Alex Reid, Organizes Stem Cell Donor Clinic

Latest News: TRU Baseball Player, Alex Reid, Organizes Stem Cell Donor Clinic

The Thompson Rivers baseball player is stepping up to the plate for a good cause. The Wolfpack pitcher has organized a stem cell donor clinic. Not only does Reid hope to drum up awareness for the need for stem cells, but also hopes it helps someone very close to him.

Stem Cells and Arthritis

Research into the effectiveness of stem cells for arthritis is making headlines today:

Osteoarthritis may be added to the list of diseases and conditions treatable by stem cells therapy. British scientists have hailed the results of a new, experimental stem cell treatment for osteoarthritis as ‘astonishing’.

Canadian Baby Shows 2015

Perhaps the weather hasn’t gotten the memo yet, but spring is just around the corner. And, with spring, comes Baby Show season!

This year, we’re thrilled to be taking part in some fantastic Baby Shows and conferences across the country.

Here’s where to find us between March and November, 2015:

Stem Cell Study Shows Potential to Help Kids’ Hearts

Research appearing in this month’s STEM CELLS Translational Medicine shows that stem cells may have the same potential in treating children with congenital heart diseases that can lead to heart failure.

Gordie Howe’s Stem Cell Treatment Brings ‘Miraculous’ Results

Former pro hockey player, Gordie Howe, has made “miraculous” recovery and continues to astonish doctors with his progress.

After a serious stroke in late October, the 86 year old had a 2-day, non-surgical treatment that included neural stem cells being injected into his spinal canal as well as the intravenous infusion of mesenchymal stem cells.

Giving Tuesday | Wings of Hope

In honour of Giving Tuesday, we’re highlighting our Wings of Hope program which was established to offer compassionate support to Canadian families who have an immediate family member possibly requiring a stem cell transplant within the first year following the expected baby’s birth. This is the largest program of its kind in Canada, with more than 370 participants who have benefited from free cord blood processing and storage for the first year courtesy of Insception Lifebank.

Cord Blood Protects Baby’s Brain From Hurler Syndrome

Cord blood may be the answer to parents’ prayers. Experts say that babies with rare inherited diseases like Hurler Syndrome may be spared permanent brain damage if they received umbilical cord blood transplant before they are 9 months old. This emphasizes the need for early detection and diagnosis.

Successful Cord Blood Match Found For Mai Duong

Canada’s national cord blood program is managed by Canadian Blood Services, which says the main purpose of the program is to help Canadians who never registered with a family cord blood banking facility.

DCRC Wants More Cord Blood Education

The Dubai Cord Blood and Research Centre in the United Arab Emirates is calling for more mothers to donate their children’s umbilical cord blood. The DCRC is worried there are insufficient cord blood samples from Arab families, which decreases the potential for families of certain backgrounds to find a viable donor.

A Way To Improve Cord Blood Stem Cell Transplants?

A major applied clinical hematology research clinic announced a major breakthrough in cord blood banking and cord blood stem cell therapy this week. If the research results are accepted by the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP), it could improve how patients in need of transplants are matched with donors in the US – potentially expanding into Canada and elsewhere in time.

Have You Heard About Mai Duong?

It’s no secret that minorities and ethnically mixed Canadians are vastly underrepresented on cord blood or bone marrow stem cell registries. Underrepresentation is also an international problem for people with Asian backgrounds. Experts say only 1 percent of registered cord blood or bone marrow donors around the world are of Asian heritage.

FDA Makes One Final Cord Blood Awareness Push

Cord Blood Awareness Month was a campaign all around the world throughout July, and the campaign officially comes to an end today. But experts encourage families to continue learning more about cord blood in August and beyond as the benefits from banked cord blood stem cells can be extracted year round.

Aishwarya Rai Firmly Behind Cord Blood Banking In India

One of India’s highest paid actresses became the latest supporter and ambassador of umbilical cord blood banking. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who also goes by Aishwarya Rai, is helping one of India’s largest cord blood banks, LifeCell International in establishing a national donor cord blood program to benefit families across all of India.

Is There A Common Genetic Cause Of Autism?

The Duke University of Medicine is leading a five year innovative research project testing how umbilical cord blood could improve the lives of children with autism spectrum disorder or ASD. The study is being led by Dr.

Olympians Become Cord Blood Banking Ambassadors

With one week remaining in Cord Blood Awareness Month, two Olympic athletes officially became the latest supporters of cord blood banking. Krisztina Fazekas Zur, an Olympic gold medalist and her husband Rami Zur, who competed in three Olympics, chose to bank their baby’s cord blood with a trusted provider in California.

Obstetrician Given New Lease On Life By Cord Blood

A retired obstetrician who once delivered babies was given a new lease on life thanks to the help of babies. David Hall underwent a cord blood stem cell transplant to combat his acute myeloid leukaemia, and is living a much healthier life today.

Duke University Cord Blood Researchers Receive $15 Million Donation

The Marcus Foundation, an Atlanta-based philanthropic organization, has awarded Duke Medicine $15 million to support an innovative research program that explores the use of umbilical cord blood cells to treat autism, stroke, cerebral palsy and related brain disorders.

New Home For Be The Match In Minneapolis

The world’s largest hematopoietic stem cell registry is getting a new home in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A ceremony near the city’s North Loop was held on July 8 where construction crews began digging on the grounds of the new Be The Match headquarters.

Christiana Care Network Celebrates Over 1,000 Cord Blood Donations

A number of accomplishments are being promoted in association with Cord Blood Awareness Month this July. Some of those accomplishments are the results of clinical trials that could increase the potential of cord blood therapy, while other achievements promote a set number of donated umbilical cord blood samples.

Over 90 Percent Of Irish Families Support Cord Blood Banking

Many European families can bank their baby’s umbilical cord blood at a hospital. But there are hospitals in some European countries that do not provide cord blood banking services to families, putting families that do want to bank their baby’s cord blood in a difficult position.

Kylie Clarke Used Facebook To Find A Cord Blood Donor

The power of social media helped an Australian woman battling leukaemia find a therapeutic option to send the disease into remission. 33 year old Kylie Clarke became a minor, social celebrity thanks to her campaign that also helped her find two umbilical cord blood donors to complete a transplant.

Roki Mills Gets Happy Birthday Before Cord Blood Therapy

Roki Mills of Newport, Australia celebrated his first birthday at home this week after spending the last month in the hospital. Roki and his parents are planning to travel to Panama for cord blood stem cell therapy in the next few months, but are asking for financial support from their community to help pay for the trip as well as the therapy.

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