Roki Mills Gets Happy Birthday Before Cord Blood Therapy

Roki Mills of Newport, Australia celebrated his first birthday at home this week after spending the last month in the hospital. Roki and his parents are planning to travel to Panama for cord blood stem cell therapy in the next few months, but are asking for financial support from their community to help pay for the trip as well as the therapy.

Can Cord Blood Help Children With ASD?

Research into cord blood therapy uncovered medical benefits of using cord blood stem cells to help improve the lives of patients with leukaemia, lymphoma, and other blood disorders. Ongoing clinical trials are testing whether cord blood stem cells can be used as a viable therapeutic option for other diseases.

Could Surrogate Cord Blood Help An 11 Year Old Colorado Boy?

The Knar family in Colorado Springs is searching far and wide for opportunities to help their youngest child Aden. The 11 year old was diagnosed with a rare form of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, and doctors recommend a familial umbilical cord blood stem cell transplant as a therapeutic option to send the cancer into remission.

Miracle Girl Of BC Valley Becomes Cord Blood Ambassador

Lourdess Sumners is a 16 year old girl in British Columbia who is an outspoken supporter of cord blood banking. Sumners is being lauded as the ‘miracle girl’ of Vancouver Island as she is currently six years in remission after a cord blood stem cell transplant helped improve her leukaemia.

Cord Blood Advocates Say Goodbye To Lawrence Miller

One of the biggest advocates in the US legislature for funding umbilical cord blood stem cell research passed away this weekend after a long battle with cancer. Representative Lawrence G. Miller succumbed to a battle with multiple myeloma after years of transplants, chemotherapy, and health scares.

Cord Blood Therapy Helps Woman With Rare Form Of Lymphoma

Double umbilical cord blood stem cell transplants were first performed in 2005, and became a viable option for therapy to help adults or young adults with life threatening conditions. Oncologists often recommend double cord blood transplants for patients living with extreme cases of leukaemia or lymphoma.

Canadian Blood Services Ups Cord Blood Fundraising Efforts

Canadian Blood Services is heavily investing in public relations as the firm continues to build Canada’s national donor cord blood bank. The fundraising campaign, entitled ‘For All Canadians’ seeks to raise up to $12.5 million to successfully expand the cord blood donor program across the country.

Double Cord Blood Transplant Helps 15 Year Old Girl Beat Leukaemia

Cord blood stem cell transplants are primarily used to treat small children diagnosed with various blood cancers, diseases, or genetic disorders. Cord blood therapy became a useful alternative to bone marrow therapy as researchers discovered the potential benefits derived from cord blood stem cells.

Springfield Missouri Families See Value In Cord Blood Banking

A cord blood bank in Springfield Missouri has helped provide security and stability for many different children. Families chose to bank their children’s cord blood, and considered the practice insurance in the event of an unexpected illness or condition.

Researchers In New York Test Improving Cord Blood Therapy In Adults

Cord blood stem cell transplants are commonly used to help children with blood cancers or other genetic disorders. But a new study at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York identified opportunities to produce larger quantities of cord blood stem cells that could open the door to improved adult cord blood therapy.

European Couple Eventually Find Hospital To Collect Cord Blood

Katalin Dempsey is a native of Hungary, but moved to Ireland with her husband Oliver prior to the birth of their daughter Emily. The couple intended to bank Emily’s umbilical cord blood at the time of delivery, but finding a hospital within Ireland willing to collect the sample was surprisingly challenging.

Australian Club Hosts Cord Blood Fundraising Project

Research into new applications of cord blood stem cell therapy is always important for the medical community. Nonprofit organizations often help gather money for medical research by hosting fundraisers or contributing to health related campaigns.

CIBC Donates $300,000 To Campaign For All Canadians

Canadian Blood Services continues its Campaign for All Canadians fundraising efforts to help develop and coordinate the country’s first national donor cord blood program. The goal of the campaign is to raise $12.5 million by the end of the three year effort.

Mason Shaffer Foundation Educates Families About Cord Blood Banking

Sarah and Marc Shaffer live with their son Mason in Lansdowne, a suburb in the southwest region of Philadelphia. The family went through a very difficult experience for the first seven months of Mason’s life after he was diagnosed with an extremely rare case of malignant infantile osteopetrosis or MIOP.

University Of Texas Prepares Cerebral Palsy Stem Cell Trial

The University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston will be the site of an FDA approved stem cell therapy study to help children diagnosed with cerebral palsy. The study is expected to compare and contrast the safety as well as efficiency of using cord blood stem cells to bone marrow stem cells as therapy for cerebral palsy.

Five Year Old Lives Healthily After Cord Blood Stem Cell Transplant

The Connelly family has had a tumultuous five years in regards to young Peyton’s health and wellbeing.
The trouble began with a brain tumour that was removed through surgery which indirectly led to a stroke, requiring Peyton to receive a cord blood stem cell transplant. Thankfully five years later, Peyton is enjoying life with friends and family.

Veterinarian Believes Cord Blood Stem Cell Therapy Can Help Horses

Families hear many recommendations from doctors to bank their baby’s cord blood as a potential option for therapy if ever the need should arise.  But one medical veterinarian sees value in using banked cord blood stem cells to treat injuries in horses.

Get Informed To Help During National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month

In the United States, March 25 is designated as National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day.  Lawmakers and community activists have also made the entire month of March as National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month to help more families become informed about the risks, hindrances, and pote

St Louis Hospital Review Cord Blood Stem Cell Therapy For Gabby Carter

The St. Louis Children’s Hospital is a relatively new affiliate for cord blood banking and cord blood stem cell transplants.  But only a few years after the program’s inception, the hospital can confirm numerous successes at improving the lives of patients with blood diseases and disorders.

New Delhi Child Living Satisfactory Life Following Cord Blood Therapy

Doctors in India are recommending umbilical cord blood stem cell transplants as an alternative therapeutic option for children diagnosed with thalassaemia.  Cord blood stem cells can help repair damaged cells that are unable to maintain normal levels of hemoglobin, which can improve the lives of children living with thalassaemia.

Cord Blood Stem Cell Transplant Improves Life Of Manchester Man

A 60 year old man in Manchester was given only 18 months to live after being diagnosed with a severe case of leukaemia.  After an intense round of chemotherapy failed to improve the odds, a cord blood stem cell transplant was administered that helped send the leukaemia into remission.

Researchers Test If Cord Blood Stem Cells Help Avert Preterm BPD

Medicinal researchers are attempting to provide therapy, or potentially prevent cases of bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD) that are born prematurely.  One of the studies currently underway is to test if cord blood stem cells could reduce the severity of BPD, and improve the quality of l

Oklahoma Establishes The State’s First Donor Cord Blood Program

The state of Oklahoma is investing more time and energy into acquiring samples of donated umbilical cord blood.  The OU Medical Center at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, with support from the Oklahoma Blood Institute, will become the first facility in the state to accept donated cord blood.

Value Of Cord Blood Stem Cells Forecast To Exceed $56 Billion In 2020

Allied Market Research, a world leading market research firm, released the results of a study regarding the global growth of cord blood stem cell therapy.  The cord blood stem cell market is forecast to become a $56 billion industry in 2020, according to researchers

Orlando Researchers To Test If Cord Blood Improves Hearing Loss

The FDA approved a clinical study to test whether a child who succumbs to sensorineural hearing loss will have their hearing improve as a result of a cord blood stem cell transplant.  Organizers of the study will test their theory at the Florida Hospital for Children in Orl

Child Born To Stroke Regains Bodily Control With Help From Cord Blood

Bailey Coates was born in late 2012 to her mother Rebecca, but was put under the care of a pediatric neurologist within hours of her birth.  The neurologist discovered Bailey suffered a stroke due to a piece of placenta entering her brain while still in the womb.

DCRC Identifies Six New Successful Cord Blood Stem Cell Transplants

The Dubai Cord Blood and Research Centre identified six patients whose lives improved as a result of cord blood stem cell transplantations.  The DCRC encourage other families across the Middle East and the rest of the world to use the success of the six cases as motivation to bank their own baby’s umbilical cord blood.

BC Women’s Hospital Chosen As Next Donor Cord Blood Collection Site

Canada’s national donor cord blood banking program is expanding after officially launching in the fall of 2013.  The first hospital to accept cord blood donations was the Ottawa Hospital, while Canadian Blood Services (CBS) announced this week that BC Women&

Lansdale Family Organizes Community Blood And Marrow Drive In Thanks

Matthew Knoebel is a changed teenager 10 months after being diagnosed with severe acute myeloid leukaemia.  The 13-year old was diagnosed in October 2012, but thanks to a life-changing stem cell donation orchestrated by ‘Be The Match,’ Matthew’s condition is in remission and his quality of life has improved.

Cord Blood Study Could Improve Options For Sickle Cell Disease Therapy

A nine year old girl in St. Louis Missouri was diagnosed with sickle cell disease, which if left untreated can potentially cause blood infections, organ failure, or even a stroke.  People diagnosed with sickle cell often receive bone marrow therapy if siblings are genetic matches, while doctors also test cord blood therapy for patients with unrelated stem cell donors.

Researchers Study StemEx Technology To Develop Cord Blood Stem Cells

Scientists are supporting the prospect of growing cord blood stem cells in a laboratory prior to a cord blood stem cell transplant.  The new technology known as StemEx potentially increases the number of cord blood stem cells viable for transplant by 14-fold.

Petition Demands Return Of Private Cord Blood Banking In UK

An online petition is circulating in the UK demanding the return of private cord blood collection to hospitals supported by National Health Service (NHS) Trusts.  Organizers of the petition argue that depriving parents the opportunity of banking their baby’s cord blood violates their rights, and counters government mandates supporting the development of regenerative

Why Cord Blood Banking Is Important For Future Blood Cell Therapy

Over the years, umbilical cord blood has become a viable alternative source of donated stem cells for blood or bone marrow transplantation.  Collecting cord blood is a safer alternative for families, and provides significant advantages that bone marrow stem cells are unable to supply.

Georgia Regents University Cancer Center To Develop Cord Blood Program

The Georgia Regents University Cancer Center plans to start a new program to potentially improve the lives of children with cancer.  The health center hired a new director to oversee the program, which will first launch a pediatric bone marrow transplant system, and later begin studying cord blood stem cell transplantation.

Potential For Therapy Improving For Patients Of Visible Minorities

Researchers working with Anthony Nolan, the UK’s blood cancer charity, reported that potential cord blood stem cell therapy is improving for patients of all ethnicities.  The team says opportunities for patients of visible minorities or mixed backgrounds to receive cord blood stem cell transplants are improving after years of lagging behind white patients.

Baby Brother Could Allow Cord Blood Stem Cell Therapy For Big Sister

Sarah Watkin is a 5-year old girl with acute myeloid leukaemia, who is currently staying at the Hospital for Sick Children in downtown Toronto.  Sarah was diagnosed with the illness in October 2012 after her family initially thought she had come down with a bad case of strep throat.

University Of Minnesota Finalizing Deal With St. Louis Cord Blood Bank

Negotiations are in the final stages between the University of Minnesota and the St. Louis Cord Blood Bank in Missouri to establish a working relationship.  The partnership will allow families to once again bank their baby’s cord blood at the university medical center after years without that option.

Minnesota Girl Celebrates Two Year Cord Blood Transplant Anniversary

Annika Linberg and her family are celebrating their lives two years after the eight year old girl received a cord blood stem cell transplant.  The transplant was completed on November 11, 2011 using a banked sample of her younger sister Katherine’s cord blood.

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