Cord blood banking is still relatively new to Dubai; so, many expecting parents are unaware of its benefits. As such, the Dubai Cord Blood and Research Centre (DCRC) will be running fun activities at the World Trade Centre’s Modhesh World festivities to raise awareness about cord blood banking and how it can help families around the world.

Modhesh World is an indoor family theme park in Dubai. The park and its many festivals attract thousands of families for a fun day out, making it the ideal location for the DCRC to spread the word about cord blood banking.

The centre will host a number of activities each weekend this summer, including educational games and puppet shows. The activities not only aim to promote awareness about cord blood banking; they will raise funds for the centre’s cord blood banking and research programs.

Families can visit Modhesh World at the World Trade Centre until August 24th. They will not only have the chance to learn more about cord blood banking but also offer funds to the Dubai Cord Blood and Research Centre.