In honour of Giving Tuesday, we’re highlighting our Wings of Hope program which was established to offer compassionate support to Canadian families who have an immediate family member possibly requiring a stem cell transplant within the first year following the expected baby’s birth. This is the largest program of its kind in Canada, with more than 400 participants who have benefited from free cord blood processing and storage for the first year courtesy of Insception Lifebank.


Approval is on a case-by-case basis on the recommendation of the treating Oncologist, Haematologist or Medical Geneticist with the condition that the cord blood unit might be required for transplant within the first year of storage.

Instructions for Application

The Treating Oncologist / Haematologist / Medical Geneticist Must:

  • Complete the Medical Need Cord Blood Referral form  download
  • Fax completed form to Insception Lifebank at 1-905-206-2798

The Family Must:

  • Register for Cord Blood Banking at Insception Lifebank. Note: We will update payment information if approved into Wings of Hope Program.
  • Indicate they are applying for the Wings of Hope Medical Need Program when contacted by Insception Lifebank’s Client Services.
  • Pay only courier fee(s) for transport of the cord blood unit to Insception Lifebank’s laboratory and for shipping of collection kit (if applicable). Note: If the cord blood unit is not used within the first year for treatment, the family will be responsible for the annual storage fee of $125 starting on the child’s first birthday.
    Call Insception Lifebank at 1-866-606-2790 with questions or concerns.


Upon receipt of the Medical Need Cord Blood Referral form from the referring Oncologist, Haematologist or Medical Geneticist, the Chair of the Medical Need Program will review the information and provide a decision regarding approval. Insception Lifebank will notify the family about the decision.

Insception Lifebank is committed to the Wings of Hope Medical Need Program, allowing Canadian families with a medical need to bank their cord blood, providing hope to the family and offering an alternate treatment option.

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