The power of social media helped an Australian woman battling leukaemia find a therapeutic option to send the disease into remission. 33 year old Kylie Clarke became a minor, social celebrity thanks to her campaign that also helped her find two umbilical cord blood donors to complete a transplant.

When Kylie was diagnosed with leukaemia, her doctors feared that she had very little time. The disease was quickly spreading throughout her body and since Kylie is an indigenous citizen, her doctors struggled to find a compatible bone marrow donor that could help fight the leukaemia.

Kylie took matters into her own hands by posting her story to Facebook, and encouraged families across Australia to test if they could become viable donors. Her post went viral and allowed her to meet many new people through social media. However, none were a genetic match to her DNA, and Kylie began searching for alternative sources of therapy.

“The doctors never really stipulated a specific time frame, but they did say Kylie you know we really can’t wait much longer.”

After being informed about cord blood stem cell therapy, Kylie and her doctors found two donated samples from newly born children. The cord blood stem cell transplant was administered last fall, and the leukaemia is now in remission.

Since the transplant, Kylie’s quality of life has significantly improved and she is able to enjoy many of her favourite pastimes all over again. She has also become a proud supporter of cord blood banking, and encourages indigenous as well as non indigenous people alike to donate.

More details about Kylie and her story are available by following the link here.