Latest News: TRU Baseball Player, Alex Reid, Organizes Stem Cell Donor Clinic

The Thompson Rivers baseball player, Alex Reid, is stepping up to the plate for a good cause. The Wolfpack pitcher has organized a stem cell donor clinic. Not only does Reid hope to drum up awareness for the need for stem cells, but also hopes it helps someone very close to him.

Reid’s sister is in need of a blood transfusion and has been unable to find a donor. The hope is that this donor clinic will help raise awareness and turn up a match for her transfusion.

While the procedure sounds invasive or even scary, it is actually quite easy. The donor clinic will only require four different swabs taken from four different places in your mounth. No needles are involved.

If you are a match, you will be contacted by the Canadian Blood Services. Provided you are deemed medically eligible through physical assessment, you will be able to donate. For the exact details of the process visit the Canadian Blood Services page.

Reid says what started as a personal cause has become a team affair with other WolfPack athletes jumping in to help.

“I am hoping to achieve a greater awareness in the young people of Kamloops about the joy not only this foundation but other organizations who help people strive for better lives.”

Source: TRU Baseball Player Organizes Stem Cell Donor Clinic

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TRU Baseball Player, Alex Reid, Organizes Stem Cell Donor Clinic