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Newsletter_FCWhen we first heard about cord blood banking through our doctor, we immediately assumed it would cost a fortune—just the word “cryopreserved” sounded expensive! We decided to look into it anyway as it was something we really hoped to be able to do. When we realized it cost a fraction of what we were having to spend on all the other baby accessories (which were likely to last less than a year), it was an easy decision for us. Like all parents, we would do anything to protect our child, and this was a simple thing we could do for her and for us as a family. We couldn’t imagine if she ever did need it, having to look back and know that we spent that money on fancier nursery furniture or a slicker stroller. Preserving something that could possibly save or change a life and that would otherwise have been thrown away just seemed like the obvious choice for us.
With a history of blood-related cancers on both sides of our family, the cord blood option was very appealing, but as we started to do a bit of research, we learned more about cord tissue and decided it was something we wanted to do as well. When we considered the incredible progress in the last 20 years with cord blood research and how far it has come, we knew that despite the fact that today cord tissue research is in its infancy, by the time our daughter reaches adolescence, these cells will likely be able to be used in ways we haven’t even thought of yet. We were keen to use Insception Lifebank as they seemed to have the most experience, but at the time, they did not offer the cord tissue collection. Luckily, we waited until my third trimester to go ahead with the service, and by then, the tissue collection option was available as well.
Mila was born on August 10, a healthy 8 pounds, 8 ounces, and her cord blood and tissue were collected and stored away. Of course we hope that she never needs to use them, but we feel good knowing that they are available and in good hands if she ever does. Now, if only those cells could be used to somehow make her sleep through the night…
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