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Clinical research is expanding the list of diseases and conditions that may be treatable with cord blood and cord tissue.


Cord Blood Stem Cell Research

Right now, researchers are looking for new potential ways to heal the body using cord blood stem cells. Clinical trials are underway around the world to determine how stem cells from cord blood could be used in the future to treat:

Diagnosis Trial Site Trial ID
Autism US (Duke)
US (Sutter Health)
Acquired Hearing Loss US (Florida) NCT02038972
Cerebral Palsy US (Duke)
US (Texas Health Science Center)
US (Georgia Regents University)
Hypoplastic left heart syndrome US (Duke)
US (Mayo Clinic)
Metabolic disorders  US (Duke) NCT02254863
Stroke – Pediatric US (Florida) NCT02460484
Stroke – Adult US (Duke) NCT02397018


Emerging Cord Blood Technologies:

Advancements in technology may enable the number of cells available from cord blood collections to be expanded.
The important benefits of cell expansion would be:

  • Extending the period over which cord blood stem cells may be used, as treatments for adults require more stem cells than treatments for a child.
  • Increasing the potential number of therapies from one unit of cord blood.


Cord Tissue and Mesenchymal Stem Cell Research

Expectant parents can now bank a segment of their baby’s umbilical cord tissue, which is a rich source of mesenchyal stem cells (MSCs) that may have future potential to help repair and heal the body.

Researchers are now testing the potential of MSCs, derived from umbilical cord tissue, bone marrow or adipose tissue in a variety of clinical trials for the following conditions and diseases:

Diagnosis Trial Site Trial ID
Acute respiratory distress syndrome US NCT02097641
Alzheimer’s disease China NCT01547689
Cardiovascular disease US NCT02032004
Cardiac repair US NCT01557543
Crohn’s disease US NCT02150551
Diabetes (Type 1) Sweden NCT02057211
Liver disease China NCT01844063
Multiple sclerosis Canada NCT02239393
Osteoarthritis Canada NCT02351011
Rheumatoid arthritis Panama NCT01985464 
Stroke US NCT01849887

Although scientists are optimistic that new cutting-edge therapies will result from cord tissue research, the application of cord tissue MSCs is in the early stage of clinical development.

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Research & Trials Emerging Research
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