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Advancing Stem Cells is at the Core of Everything We Do

Cord blood stem cells have the amazing potential to treat so many conditions; so it’s no wonder they have been a passionate focus for research for the last 27 years. Right now, cord blood stem cells can be used to treat over 80 diseases10 and the list keeps growing.

Exciting new research is underway to investigate how cord blood may be used in the future to regenerate tissues and heal other conditions that today have no treatment or cure.


Commitment to Research and Education

  • We are committed to advancing the science of using umbilical cord stem cells to treat life-threatening diseases and conditions. Among Canadian family cord blood programs, we are the most committed to supporting research and the most connected to emerging science.
  • We are leaders in providing education and awareness about current and future potential uses of newborn stem cells.
  • We are the only Canadian cord blood bank that has established partnerships with leading medical institutions
    • Mount Sinai Hospital
    • Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
    • Grand River Hospital
    • Royal Victoria Reginal Health Centre
    • Humber River Health


What Leading Researchers Have to Say About Cord Blood

Insception Lifebank is proud to have leading stem cell researchers on our team.  They each have extensive experience working in the field of stem cell research. Hear what they have to say about the potential of cord blood and cord tissue stem cells.

Dr. Robert Casper, MD, FRCSC, Insception Lifebank Founder & Medical Director

“Cord blood and tissue is an important medical resource that unfortunately is usually discarded.  Cord blood stem cells are a powerful option for bone marrow transplantation, and both cord blood stem cells and mesenchymal stem cells from the umbilical cord have important potential for regenerative medicine in the near future.”


Area of Focus:  Dr. Casper is a pioneer in cord blood banking, and research to extend the medical applications of banked cord blood samples.  His research laboratory focuses on the in vitro expansion of human umbilical cord blood stem cells and their use for tissue therapeutics.

Dr. Robert F Casper, MD, FRCS(C) Professor, Division of Reproductive Sciences, University of Toronto Senior Investigator, Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute, Mount Sinai Hospital Medical Director, Toronto Centre for Advanced Reproductive Technology (TCART), Toronto

Dr. Ian Rogers, PhD, Insception Lifebank Founder & Scientific Director

Ian-Rogers-PhD-pic“The potential of stem cells is unlimited. Stem cells will form the foundation for personalized medicine as a tool for drug development, induce the natural healing process, replace new tissue and even make whole organs for transplantation. They will affect us at all stages of our life in the future.”


Area of Focus: Dr. Rogers’ research laboratory is focused on developing the regenerative capacity of adult stem cells derived from both umbilical cord tissue and cord blood, with the objective of finding future treatments that could become the standard of care.

Dr. Ian Rogers, Assistant Professor & Associate Scientist, Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute

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Research & Trials Leaders in Stem Cell Science
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