The Banking Process Explained

You only have one opportunity to store your baby’s cord blood and cord tissue – at birth. What is the banking process?


1) Enroll Online

  • You can choose to store cord blood and cord tissue, and choose from a variety of payment options.


2) Collection Kit

  • After you enroll, we ship you a collection kit that contains all the supplies and instructions your healthcare provider will need to complete the collection after your baby is born.
  • Get familiar with your collection kit and complete the appropriate forms before delivery.
  • When you go into labour, bring your collection kit to the birthing facility and tell your nurse or healthcare provider about your decision to store.


3) Cord Blood Collection

  • The actual collection takes only a few minutes. It’s safe, painless, and does not interfere with your delivery.
  • After the umbilical cord is cut, the blood remaining in the cord is collected.
  • Depending on the hospital, either you or your healthcare provider labels and packages the cord blood back into your collection kit, in preparation for pick up by Insception Lifebank’s medical courier.


4) Cord Tissue Collection

  • Once cord blood is collected, your healthcare provider cuts a 20 cm piece of the umbilical cord.


5) After Collection

  • Ensure your collection kit contains all properly labeled materials.
  • Call Insception Lifebank within 2 hours of your baby’s birth.
  • We handle all of the medical courier details. The courier picks up your cord blood unit at your bedside.


6) Processing and Storage

  • The cord blood and cord tissue is processed and cryopreserved for long-term storage.


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The Insception Difference The Banking Process Explained
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