Affordable cord stem cell banking for Canadian Families

Every family has a different budget, Insception Lifebank offers a number of flexible options to help make cord blood stem cell banking affordable for everyone.

Use our pricing calculator to help calculate the payment plan that is best for your family.

Returning Clients Expecting Again? Congratulations! As our thanks to you, we offer a returning-client discount. When you register online, select yes when asked if you are a returning customer and you will save $100.

Refer a Friend You and your friend can receive a voucher of up to $150 when you enroll! For more information click here.

Multiple Births We know that you are going to have your hands full. For clients with multiple births Insception Lifebank offers a discount to help out. To calculate your specific discount, please use our pricing calculator.

Payment Plans Insception Lifebank offers multiple payment plans to make cord blood and cord tissue banking more affordable. To learn which plan is best for your family, please use our pricing calculator.

Annual Storage Plan:

Includes an initial fee for the collection kit, processing and testing of the cord blood and tissue. This initial fee can be paid over 12 months or as one payment. You can also pay a yearly storage fee without commitment to a specific contract time frame.

Prepaid Storage Plans – 18 Years or LifeTime:

Combine the initial fees for the collection kit, processing and testing of the cord blood and tissue with the fees for 18 years or LifeTime of storage. This combined fee can be paid over 12 months or as one payment.

Private Insurance You may have coverage through Private Insurance. Please check with your specific plan.

Additional Information Applicable taxes, payment plan administration fees and medical courier costs are not included in our pricing calculator or online registration. The final amount will be confirmed during your follow-up call with a cord blood expert 1-2 business days after registration. A 1% credit card convenience fee will be applied to the total amount payable before taxes. Only one promotional code can be applied per enrollment. Please refer to your client storage agreement here for full terms and conditions.

Some birthing facilities may charge an additional fee for cord blood and tissue collection, please speak with your healthcare provider to learn more.

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