Umbilical Cord Blood – Strikes a Chord

Nira Arora, co-host of 94.5 Virgin Radio’s Early Morning show Jonny, Holly & Nira has welcomed the birth of her first daughter Jaya on May 6th, 2017. Nira and her husband Garry have joined the ranks of many Canadian parents choosing to store their newborn’s umbilical cord blood and tissue stem cells at birth.

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Cord Blood Awareness Month

Becoming a parent means taking a monumental leap of faith. It means bringing a precious life into this world knowing that despite all the precautions and care you can take, some things will simply be out of your hands. Regardless, becoming a parent means making a promise – a commitment to helping provide your child with everything they need to succeed in this world.

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Banking on Hope

Insception Lifebank’s Wings of Hope Medical Need Program was established to offer compassionate support to Canadian families who have an immediate family member conceivably requiring a stem cell transplant within the first year following an expected baby’s birth.

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‘Best Of’ Blog List

With August almost half over (shhhh!!), we’re taking the opportunity to stop and take a look back at some of our best blogs from the last six months.

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Does Cord Blood Expire?

When any of us considers making an investment, we take the time to look at the decision from all sides. Frequently we find ourselves wondering if the decision we make now will truly benefit us in the future. As parents, the decisions we make take on a whole new meaning. Not only are we making choices for ourselves, but also for our family and our future.

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6 Best Baby Shower Gifts for A Mom To Be

As the baby due date rapidly approaches, it’s a great time to think about thoughtful ways to support and spoil a new mom-to-be in your life! Here’s our list of 6 great baby shower gifts to consider.

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Cord Blood Awareness Month

July is Cord blood Awareness Month! We couldn’t be happier that a full month has been dedicated to raising awareness about this precious resource and all its potential! To celebrate, we’re offering expecting parents this limited time promo code to save upon the purchase of cord blood banking for your little one.

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Baby Proofing Yourself

We’ve all heard of baby proofing the house, but what about baby proofing yourself? Delivering your little one has put a lot of stress on your body. But, now that your baby has arrived, the real work begins! So many of the daily actives that we carry out as parents can take a toll on our bodies – especially post-delivery.

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Celebrating Father’s Day

Becoming a father means becoming a hero.

It means pillow fort building, s’mores making, late night children’s Tylenol runs and endless bedtime stories.

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Summer Pregnancy Survival Guide

Back in January, it felt like the winter would never end! Now, with June finally here, the summer vibe is in the air and we’re looking forward to days at the beach, picnics in the park and planning new stroller routes! Following our winter pregnancy guide, here's our...

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