When you’re expecting a baby, life gets busy quickly. The list of things to accomplish before the expected due date can seem a mile long and filled with complex, new tasks and decisions to get through.

Since we know you’ve already got a lot on your plate, we wanted to help shoulder some of the burden by breaking down the cord blood banking process into a few easy to understand steps.

Step 1: Enroll. Online or in person, it’s your choice! During this part of the process, you’ll choose if you want to bank cord blood and cord tissue. As well, you’ll be offered a variety of payment options to suit your family’s needs.

Step 2: Collection Kit. After you enroll, we’ll ship you a collection kit containing all the supplies and instructions your healthcare provider will need to complete the collection after your baby is born.

Step 3: Cord Blood Collection. The actual collection process takes place a soon as 5 minutes after your baby’s birth. After the umbilical cord is cut, the blood remaining in the cord is collected. It’s a safe, painless and very quick process that does not interfere with your delivery.

Step 4: Cord Tissue Collection. Once the cord blood has been collected, your healthcare professional can cut a 20 cm piece of the umbilical cord for collection of cord tissue.

Step 5: After Collection. Once the cord blood and cord tissue has been collected, make sure the kit materials are all properly labeled. Next, call Insception Lifebank within 2 hours of your baby’s birth. An Insception Lifebank courier will pick up the kit and you’ll be free to bask in the glow of your new family addition.

Step 6: Procession and storage. Once Insception Lifebank receives the sample, it is processed and cryopreserved for long-term storage.

We hope that this break down of the banking process will help shorten your pre-baby to-do list.

If there’s anything else we can explain or help you with, or if you’d just like to talk through the process, please feel free to give us a call toll free at 1-866-606-2790.

– The Insception Lifebank Team

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Blog Breaking Down The Cord Blood and Tissue Banking Process