Unless it’s prearranged, a Cesarean Section can feel like a wrench in the plan for many expecting mothers. Leading up to your due date, so much mental preparation is done. So, an unplanned c-section can feel like you’re having the rug pulled out from under you.

However, all planning is not lost! Contrary to what you might assume, cord blood and cord tissue banking can still be done after a cesarean section delivery. This means that even if a c-section becomes necessary for your health or your baby’s, you can still go ahead with your cord blood and cord tissue banking, as planned

Here are 3 facts about cesarean sections and cord blood or tissue banking that are not widely known:

1) If a C-section is planned, it’s easy to bank cord blood and tissue. Preparations will be made prior to the birth. The collection kit will be handed over to the OR nurse and the collection will be done once the baby is delivered in the OR. Simple as that.

2) The cord blood or tissue collection bag is completely sterile. This means that it’s totally safe to open and use the collection bag in the OR. Insception Lifebank uses a Health Canada and FDA licensed cord blood collection bag for every cord blood and cord tissue collection.

3) There is very little difference in cord blood or tissue unit volume between traditional and cesarean section deliveries.

It may not be any mother’s dream scenario, but a cesarean section can be lifesaving for either a mother or child. In keeping with that thought, banking cord blood and cord tissue is the next logical step in protecting your baby and your family in the future.

Have more questions about cord blood and tissue banking after a cesarean section? We’d be more than happy to speak to you. Give us a call at 1-866-606-2790, anytime.


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Blog Cesarean Sections And Cord Blood: Is It One Or The Other?
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