The role of a grandparent is unlike any other in the world. When the baby you love and support and raised has a baby of their own, a new kind of love is born.

Dr. Dhun Noria, distinguished Chief of Laboratory Medicine at The Scarborough Hospital, knew that this love also comes with responsibility – the responsibility to help protect. So, when her son and his wife became pregnant, the decision to bank cord blood stem cells was an easy one.

“This was an opportunity to leave a legacy,” Dr. Noria pointed out. “You don’t get this chance back.”

Surrounded by a community of professional colleagues and friends that include laboratory specialists, nurses, obstetricians and other healthcare providers, cellular function and blood systems were an integral part of Dr. Noria’s everyday life. Because of her intimate knowledge of the importance of cord blood and its potential, Dr. Noria made the decision to establish a cord blood banking fund for her unborn granddaughter.

Aside from the inherent value in banking this precious resource, the importance of banking cord blood for Dr. Noria’s granddaughter was amplified because of their family’s uncommon background. As part of the Zoroastrian community, Dr. Noria knew that preserving her granddaughter’s own unique, genetically matched stem cells would be a true advantage if the need arose, especially since most donors in a public registry are Caucasian. She noted, “If they don’t use it, so be it, but if they do need it, the cells are there.”

We’re thrilled that Dr. Noria and her family chose to bank with Insception Lifebank. In Dr. Noria’s opinion, Insception Lifebank offered tremendous credibility and the list of transplant successes spoke volumes.

We look forward to continuing to partner with Dr. Noria and her family to protect their future health in years to come.

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Blog Cord Blood Banking on The Future: A Grandmother’s Love
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