Did you know that today is International Nurses Day, a day set aside to appreciate the people who dedicate their lives to nursing? International Nurses Day is celebrated every year on May 12 as it coincides with the birth date of Florence Nightingale, the woman credited with the launch of modern nursing in the late 1800s.

Though the date is always the same, International Nurses Day celebrates a different theme on each anniversary. This year’s theme is ‘Nurses, A Force For Change – A Vital Resource For Health’, recognizing the importance that nurses play in maintaining the health and well being of patients in minor or intense therapy.

International Nurses Day is typically part of a weeklong commemoration of nursing, known as National Nurses Week. Don’t let the name fool you – National Nurses Week is recognized internationally in Canada, the US, Australia, Europe, and many other countries scattered across the globe.

Nurses represent one of the largest work forces in the entire world. Routine nursing tasks vary depending on the country, but in developed nations like Canada with aging populations, nurses will be paramount to helping baby boomers in their retirement.

The organizers of International Nurses Day encourage people to recognize that nurses play an important role in improving or expanding health services across the world. In Canada for example, nurses will assist cord blood collection specialists to help broaden the scope of the country’s newly launched national cord blood program.

Take a few minutes aside today to recognize the importance of nurses. We’ve all relied on at least one in our lives!

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Blog Did You Know About International Nurses Day?
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