Many expecting mothers refer to their unborn children as little miracles, celebrating one of the most wondrous times for any new or established family.  The pregnancy is for parents to prepare for the baby, and to consider all options to keep both mother and child healthy. 

Some parents will use this time to consult with their physicians about therapeutic options, such as cord blood banking.  But doctors encourage all expecting mothers to get regular exercise, and maintain healthy active lifestyles to ensure a safer delivery as well as improve postpartum recovery.

Mothers may ask themselves, do I really need to worry about exercising while carrying another human being.  But many pregnancy experts agree that exercise and active workouts can be some of the healthiest choices for expecting mothers to make.

For most people, whether they are pregnant or not, regular exercise increases energy, which in turn improves a person’s mood.  But there are many other benefits for expecting mothers that make regular active exercise an important routine.

Restful Sleep

Pregnant women often struggle to get a good night’s sleep, particularly during the third trimester.  But women who regularly exercise reduce their level of discomfort as exercise helps maintain the flow of progesterone, a hormone that helps the body remain active during pregnancy.  Yoga can also help reduce stress, tension, or muscle aches – in turn helping the body relax at night.

Faster Delivery

Believe it or not, exercise can actually help your body be ready for a smoother delivery on the big day.  Squats and kegels help the muscles in the pelvis expand and contract naturally, which can improve a mother’s ability to push her baby through delivery.

Reduces Likelihood Of C-Section

Since exercise helps the pelvis prepare for delivery, the likelihood that a C-Section may be required is reduced.  A mother’s healthy lifestyle also helps the unborn baby remain a healthy weight, decreasing the need for medical interventions upon delivery.

Improved Postpartum Recovery

Muscles are like the brain – the more they remain stimulated, the stronger they perform.  Regular exercise prior to the baby’s birth will help the mother’s body return to its pre pregnancy shape faster, and will encourage mothers to set aside workout time post delivery.

Lower Chance Of Gestational Diabetes

Exercise helps the body’s glucose and insulin levels remain in balance.  Maintaining active lifestyles helps pregnant women who never were diabetic prior to pregnancy avoid gestational diabetes, which occurs when insulin rises throughout pregnancy.  A 30 minute daily exercise routine can help the body maintain balanced glucose and insulin levels.

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Blog Exercise Feels Great For The Body Even During Pregnancy Right?
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