Navigating the website of Canada’s largest cord blood banking program is easier now more than ever.  Insception Lifebank was redesigned to incorporate a user-friendly experience, which helps families to access important information that helps make potentially life-altering decisions.

The site is presented with brighter and more vibrant colours that reflect the hope instilled within families who bank their baby’s cord blood.  Images on the homepage include captions that reflect Insception Lifebank’s mission statement, but also unspoken promises from parents to do all they can to protect the health of their soon to be born children.

Each of the subpages is accessible through tabs found on the main page, which are much easier to follow with the site’s new design.  Details about the cord blood banking program and Insception Lifebank’s experience in the field are listed through tabs near the top of the home page.  Information such as the site map, as well as current news or trends in the cord blood banking industry are also available through links found near the bottom of the homepage.

The goal of Insception Lifebank is to help provide families with accurate and relevant information to make a healthy decision that is in the best interests of the unborn baby as well as the rest of the family.  The newly designed site is a wealth of information waiting to be read, and representatives can be contacted for more details if necessary.

Are you cord blood ready?


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Blog New Website Design For Canada’S Largest Cord Blood Banking Program
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