Let’s face it, when you picture a brown bag school lunch, the word “gourmet” doesn’t exactly come to mind. But, what if there was a way to reimagine the usual sandwich, apple and granola bar into a creative and appealing healthy lunch that your kids will be eager to finish? Below are some of our favourite ways to re-mix the typical packed lunch and inject some fun into the midday meal:

1. Muffins & Cupcakes

We’re used to seeing muffins and cupcakes in banana, blueberry and vanilla. But, these typically sweet treats can be reimagined as healthy savoury centrepieces of a packed lunch. This Mac & cheese ‘cupcake’ is our favourite! (Though, Wicked-Good Pizza Muffins, Confetti Cornbread Cupcakes and Mini Lasagna Cupcakes were definite runners up!)

School lunch

2. Bento boxes

When time (and Tupperware) is at a premium, the Bento Box provides a quick and creative way to put together a well rounded, healthy lunch in under 15 minutes. Using cupcake liners to divide food and add colour is a great way to keep kids happy.

School lunch


3. Sandwich 2.0

Even as adults, the usual peanut butter and jam or turkey and Swiss can get boring after a while. These fun alternatives to the usual sandwich suspects will keep kids guessing about what they will find in their lunch-boxes!

school lunch


4. Treats Plate

Sometimes all picky eaters need to dig in is a little fun! Use your imagination and be as creative as you’d like! This cute culinary kitty would be a welcome addition to any of OUR lunches, too!

school lunch


5. Nut-Free, Not Fun-Free

Having healthy and fun nut-free options for kids is crucial! The last thing you want is for an allergy to take the fun out of mealtime. These 10 nut-free options are a great start for any parent hoping to liven up lunchtime.

school lunch

Got any great lunchtime treats to share? We’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line by email or comment on this post to share your ideas.

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