One of the recurring questions we receive involves how cord blood stem cell therapy can help patients with multiple sclerosis (MS).  For example, doctors at various hospitals, including the Ottawa Hospital conducted several clinical trials using bone marrow stem cells to improve the lives of patients with MS.  If the trials move onto future phases, there is potential that cord blood stem cells could be tested as well.

MS is very common in Canada, with approximately 100,000 Canadians diagnosed with the condition, according to the MS International Federation.  The reason for the high rate of conditions is unknown, but many newborn Canadians continue to be diagnosed with MS each year.

If trials point to cord blood as a possible source of therapy to improve the lives of children living with MS, there is greater value to banking your newborn’s cord blood.  Several families speak with Insception Lifebank’s cord blood experts in cities like Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver about how cord blood might benefit their children who are living with MS.

While there is no guarantee, cord blood banking is an option to keep hope and maintain peace of mind should the unexpected occur.

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Blog Questions About Cord Blood And MS
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