Cord Blood and Cord Tissue Collection Instructions

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Cord Blood Instructions

To meet FACT requirements, our Protocol for the Collection of Cord Blood includes the following note:

  • If cord blood collection is performed in utero in a multiple gestation pregnancy, all infants shall be delivered before any cord blood collection begins.
  • If cord blood is collected in utero at less than 34 weeks’ gestation, collection will be initiated following evaluation of the infant donor safety by the licensed health care professional responsible for the delivery.
  • The collector must read the training materials prior to commencing the collection and feel competent to perform the collection by signing the Cord Blood/Cord Tissue Collector Agreement.

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Cord Tissue Instructions

  1. The cord tissue sample should be taken as soon as the cord blood unit has been collected.
  2. Select a section of cord which is:
    1. Away from the puncture sites
    2. As straight as possible
  3. Cut a section of cord approximately 15-20 cm long (approximately the width of this page).(Fig. 1)
    Note: Some cords are very thick – 10-12 cm is sufficient in these cases.
  4. Verify accuracy of CT container label.
  5. Place the cord tissue in the screw cap container. (Fig. 2)
  6. Close the lid tightly until audible click is heard. (Fig. 3)
  7. Place container into the biohazard bag provided and place in shipping box with the cord blood unit. (Fig. 4)

Cord Tissue Collection Process 1Cord Tissue Collection Process 2

Cord Tissue Collection Process 3Cord Tissue Collection Process 4

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