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Your patients have many questions and we can help with educational materials you can display at your office to encourage discussion and provide answers. To order, simply call us at 1-866-606-2790 or download our most popular education materials from the list below:

Download our most popular patient education materials now

Download Diseases treated: A list of diseases that can potentially be treated using cord blood stem cells.
Download Cord blood options: Helps parents make an educated decision about banking their newborn’s cord blood stem cells.
Download Cord Tissue Info Guide: All you need to know about cord tissue in question and answer format.
Download Transplant history: A table of cord blood stem cells released by Insception Lifebank.
Download Educational Series: Cerebral Palsy: The application of cord blood used in clinical trial to treat cerebral palsy.
Download Educational Series: Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS): The application of cord blood used in clinical trial to treat hypoplastic left heart syndrome.
Download Educational Series: Delayed Cord Clamping
Download Educational Series: Odds of Using Cord Blood: Provides information and statistics on the likelihood of using cord blood stem cells.

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