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Happy 18th Birthday to Our First Clients!

18BirthdayIt’s hard to believe, but our first clients’ children are turning 18! The entry to adulthood means that they can now vote, buy a lottery ticket, and have complete ownership of the cord blood stem cells that you chose to bank when they were born.
We’ve taken excellent care of your child’s cord blood for the last 18 years and will continue to do so! Current literature has reported that cord blood stem cells stored under liquid nitrogen cryogenic conditions remain viable for at least 24 years of storage,16 and most cryopreservation experts agree25 that under these conditions, their lifespan is limitless. Meanwhile, the number of potential uses for cord blood continues to grow significantly.
For all of our clients who have a new adult in the household, we’ll be reaching out to present your contract options for the continued storage of this precious resource.
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