The Insception Lifebank Group is dedicated to supporting preclinical studies and clinical trials in the use of umbilical cord blood in regenerative medicine applications. Dr Malhotra’s Cord SaFe study will review the feasibility and safety of administering autologous cord blood of extreme premature infants (<28 weeks gestation).

Vital parameters, examinations and any adverse events in the first 48 hours after cell administration will be investigated to assess safety. As a secondary outcome looking at future larger trials, composite neurological and neurodevelopmental outcomes will be evaluated.

A member of the Insception Lifebank Group, Cell Care (Australia), will be responsible for the release of umbilical cord blood cells for autologous administration to the extremely preterm babies recruited to the trial. Read the full study >>

For more information about the study contact the study coordinator:

Email: info@insception.com or atul.malhotra@monash.edu

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Blog Cord blood therapy in premature babies: safety and feasibility (Cord SaFe) study
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