When any of us considers making an investment, we take the time to look at the decision from all sides. Frequently we find ourselves wondering if the decision we make now will truly benefit us in the future. As parents, the decisions we make take on a whole new meaning. Not only are we making choices for ourselves, but also for our family and our future.

There was a time when we believed that banked stem cells from cord blood would only remain viable for a limited number of years. Taking this into consideration, it made sense that the cost to bank had to be weighed against the length of time the resource would be viable. The question on our minds was, does cord blood expire?

Now, thanks to the research of Dr. Hal E. Broxymeyer, we have confirmed that cord blood stem cells are viable for at least 24 years after they’ve been stored! In fact, scientists believe that they may be stored indefinitely, imposing no limit on their lifespan. That means that the an investment in cord blood banking made now, will continue to pay dividends for at least the next 24 years, and more likely the rest of your life.

Putting this back in terms of making a worthy investment, there has never been a better time to bank on saving your baby’s cord blood. And, the science tells us that the investment today may have unlimited possibilities in the future.

For more information on questions commonly asked about cord blood, visit our in-depth FAQ page or drop is a line!

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Blog Does Cord Blood Expire?
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