September is closely associated with education, and is one of the most important months to remember there are always new things to learn.  Children are back in school in September, while families and nonprofit organizations recognize September as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month with campaigns meant to educate people about combating deadly diseases.

Falling in line with the theme of education, Insception Lifebank is holding a special online educational seminar about the benefits of umbilical cord blood and cord tissue banking.  Cord blood is recognized as an option to combat blood cancer in children, particularly against strands of leukaemia or lymphoma.

Cord blood and cord tissue contain immature stem cells that have the ability to develop into different types of cells over time, such as oxygen carrying red blood cells or disease fighting immune cells.  By banking a sample of cord blood or cord tissue, families can gain exclusive access to a unique option for therapy that is a genetic match to their child.

The cord blood and cord tissue online education session begins at 7pm EST tonight, a time that allows many families to get home from work, finish dinner, and then take part in the session.  Registering for the online cord blood seminar is very simple, and allows families to discuss a wide range of topics related to cord blood or cord tissue banking and therapy.

Some of the more common questions expected in the seminar include:

·         What is umbilical cord blood

·         What is the difference between cord blood and cord tissue

·         What are cord blood and cord tissue stem cells

·         How do banked stem cells benefit the family

·         Where can cord blood or cord tissue be collected

·         How does the collection process occur

·         Are there differences between family and public cord blood or cord tissue banking

As with many events that occur in September, the goal of the online cord blood and cord tissue session is to educate more families about options for regenerative therapy.  Families seeking more information after the session closes may even get a referral to hospitals that are partnered with Insception Lifebank’s cord blood program.

Register for the session and be ready to go live at 7pm EST today.  Cord blood education empowers you to beat childhood cancer.

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Blog Fitting To Have A Cord Blood Education Event In September
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