Cord blood stem cells have the potential to treat as many as 75 life-threatening illnesses and medical conditions.  One disease that doctors recommend cord blood as a potentially life changing medical alternative is leukemia.  Once upon a time, the chance that patients would survive leukemia was very small, but medical advancements with cord blood stem cells and stem cell therapy provide leukemia patients hope for a better outcome.

Leukaemia is characterized by an increase of white blood cells that overcrowd the body’s blood-building system, which prevent bone marrow from producing healthy blood cells.  Patients are initially put through chemotherapy in an attempt to send the leukemia into remission, which otherwise could prove fatal.

When patients undergo cord blood stem cell transplants, the procedure occurs after chemotherapy destroys the cancerous cells and the patient’s bone marrow.  Cord blood stem cells have the ability to develop into oxygen-carrying red blood cells, as well as immune cells that can defeat the lingering cancerous cells.

While cord blood isn’t a guaranteed treatment, patients who receive cord blood stem cells have improved chances of survival.  The research surrounding cord blood stem cells is rapidly expanding, and cord blood has been used in over 20,000 transplants around the world, thus far.

There is information on the various conditions potentially treatable by cord blood at:

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Blog How Is Cord Blood Used to Treat Leukaemia?
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