Cord Tissue & Stem Cells: Investing in the Future

For a long time, we’ve known that stem cells are special. But, for people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis these micro building blocks might hold the key to a healthier future. Ottawa neurologist, Dr. Mark Freedman, and his team at the Sclerosis Research Unit at the...

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Celebrating Our Moms this Mother's Day

Our mothers are our first teachers, our role models and our biggest fans. Everyday, we learn from them. For many, the wisdom our mothers impart to us stays with us for a lifetime.

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National Medical Laboratory Week

This week marks National Medical Laboratory Week. Here at Insception Lifebank, we’re thrilled to celebrate the important work the dedicated men and women of the Insception Lifebank medical laboratories do. Their skill and commitment ensures all health and safety standards are upheld and exceeded in our labs and that patient care remains top priority at all times.

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From Stem Cell Transplant to Marathon Runner in 12 Months

Johann Castillo spent many years too weak to enjoy the pleasures of life. He had no energy to play with his two young children or even walk up stairs. That all changed when Castillo received a bone marrow stem cell transplant last year. 12 months later, Castillo has taken life by the horns, training to join the Be The Match Walk+Run that took place on April 11, at Montrose Harbo-Grove 16.

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Making The Big Choices

Some of the big choices and most important planning and research that we’ll each do in our lifetime has nothing to do with school but everything to do with our future.

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5 Things To Do Before You Deliver

The countdown is on! Your little one is almost ready to make their debut and you couldn’t be more excited. But, before it’s time to head to the hospital, here are a few things to do before you deliver:

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The Added Value of Banking Cord Tissue

What’s the difference between banking cord tissue and banking cord blood? two resources? What can cord tissue offer expecting parents as protection for their growing families? Here’s a look at some of the unique qualities that cord tissue possesses and the advantages of banking cord tissue in addition to cord blood as an investment in the future health of your baby and your family.

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Siblings and Cord Blood Matching

During a routine check-up at age two, Devon’s family received the news every parent dreads; that their child is sick.

When the doctor listened to Devon’s heart, it was clear that something wasn’t right. After a series of tests, the results were rushed to McMaster’s Children’s Hospital for analysis. Due to his extremely low platelet count, Devon was in dire need of a platelet transfusion.

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Cord Blood and Autism: What does the future hold?

Autism can now be added to the list of diseases that might be treated with cord blood. In the summer of 2014, Dr. Kurtzberg initiated a trial to investigate the safety of a single intravenous infusion of autologous (self) cord blood into children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

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6 Cord Blood Questions You Should Be Asking

Now that you’ve made the excellent decision to bank your baby’s cord blood or cord tissue, there are a few crucial questions to ask before you choose a bank. In this post, we’ve highlighted some of the tough cord blood questions to get answers to before you make your final choice.

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New Type of Stem Cell Discovery Holds Enormous Promise

Working along side an international team of researchers, Insception Lifebank board members, Dr. Ian Rogers and Dr. Nagy, identified a new type of stem cells that could be instrumental in the generation of safer and more efficient designer cells used in therapy. Headed...

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Breaking Down The Cord Blood and Tissue Banking Process

When you’re expecting a baby, life gets busy quickly. The list of things to accomplish before the expected due date can seem a mile long and filled with complex, new tasks and decisions to get through.

Since we know you’ve already got a lot on your plate, we wanted to help shoulder some of the burden by breaking down the cord blood banking process into a few easy to understand steps.

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Winter Pregnancy: A Survival Guide

When the temperature drops, flu season is in full swing and black ice is everywhere it’s easy to get a little anxious about protecting your baby and yourself during your winter pregnancy. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered during your winter pregnancy. With the season in mind, we’ve compiled a few suggestions to help keep you safe, healthy and happy amidst a winter wonderland.

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10 Pregnancy Must-Haves

Here are our 10 pregnancy must-haves to keep your body happy during each trimester. Did we miss any? Comment on the post and let us know what you couldn’t do without during your pregnancy!

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Packed School Lunch: The Remix!

Let’s face it, when you picture a brown bag school lunch, the word “gourmet” doesn’t exactly come to mind. But, what if there was a way to reimagine the usual sandwich, apple and granola bar into a creative and appealing healthy lunch that your kids will be eager to finish?

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Travelling With Kids: A Survival Guide

Traveling (air travel in particular) can test your patience, your relationships and your sanity! At the best of times, long flights are uncomfortable and exhausting. Add kids into the mix and flying home for the holidays is suddenly akin to scaling Mount Everest barefoot.

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5 Myths About Cord Blood Banking

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about cord blood banking. To help clear up some of the confusion, this post debunks the top 5 myths about cord blood banking that we’ve come across.

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Top 5 Reasons to Bank Cord Blood

Becoming a parent means taking a monumental leap of faith. It means bringing a precious life into this world knowing that despite all the precautions and care you can take, some things will simply be out of your hands. Regardless, becoming a parent means making a promise – a commitment to helping provide your child with everything they need to succeed in this world.

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Join The Fight Against Cancer By Lighting The Night

The Leukaemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada holds the annual Light The Night Walk on the streets of major cities across Canada. This year’s Light The Night promoters are hoping to make it the biggest event yet as thousands of Canadians march through the streets to support an inspirational cause.

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Learn More About Cord Blood Says Margaret Atwood

Cord blood banking has been endorsed by many celebrities over the years, such as actors, athletes, and in some cases writers. Cord blood banking in Canada is still a largely unknown concept compared to other developed countries, but esteemed novelist and poet Margaret Atwood believes Canadian families can increase awareness.

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Fitting To Have A Cord Blood Education Event In September

September is closely associated with education, and is one of the most important months to remember there are always new things to learn.  Children are back in school in September, while families and nonprofit organizations recognize September as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month with campaigns meant to educate people about combating deadly diseases.

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Get Ready To Walk And Run To Cord Blood Donation

Blood cancers like leukaemia or lymphoma are among the most diagnosed strands of cancer in North America and elsewhere. In many cases, patients rely on bone marrow and cord blood stem cell donors to help beat the diseases and improve their overall qualities of life.

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