The process of giving birth causes hormonal shifts that affect your body.  The physical changes, although temporary, occur just as frequently after the birth as they do during the pregnancy.

After giving birth, the luminous glow of pregnancy will begin to fade, and your skin is likely to become quite dry in the first few weeks post-birth.  Your doctor may even recommend an unscented moisturizer to help to ease the discomfort from the dryness.  Acne or other skin rashes are also common in the first few months following a birth, even within women who always had clear skin.  On the other hand, if acne broke out during your pregnancy, it will likely dissolve in the first few months.

Many women will notice a loss of hair following the birth of their babies, but there is no reason to be alarmed.  During pregnancy, your body typically produces more estrogen, which seemingly makes hair appear thicker than usual.  Once the baby is born, your body stops producing as much estrogen, and as a result, a lot of excessive hair falls out.  The shedding will occur on and off for a few months post-birth, but eventually will return to a normal rate.

The breasts and stomach also undergo some significant changes as both areas commonly become quite swollen after giving birth.  Within a few weeks, the swelling or soreness will likely fade away, and your body will return to normal.  The only difference will be the appearance of stretch marks, which many mothers attempt to eliminate using daily cocoa butter, bio oil, and olive oil layers.

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Blog Physical Changes Post Birth
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