Who doesn’t love a good party, be it in person or online?  Friends and followers of similar interests come together for an enjoyable day when groups like Oh Baby Magazine hold their recurring Facebook parties for families to enjoy.  The latest Facebook party hits the network Wednesday March 26 – be sure to register and join in the fun.

The Oh Baby Magazine social media parties are highlights for not only the fans who come to enjoy the events, but also the sponsors that back the engagement with the network.  Insception Lifebank is one of the proud sponsors of Oh Baby Magazine’s Facebook party, and invites all followers to join in on the event.

Oh Baby Magazine posts sponsored questions to the forum of the party for attendees to offer their comments or opinions, and generate in depth discussions on important topics for new or growing families.  One of those sponsored questions will discuss cord blood and the benefits of cord blood banking, which is expected to be posted to the party at approximately 11:30am EST.

Fans who participate in the cord blood discussion by offering their own comments will be entered into a special draw powered by Insception Lifebank.  This draw will pool together all the participants, and randomly select a winner.

If you are the winner, you will receive a special $100 coupon redeemable when banking your baby’s cord blood.  As a result, the draw is ideally suited for pregnant parents or couples who are considering expanding their family.

The Facebook party is available to all willing participants, but you must register to join in on the fun.  Be sure to be near your computer tomorrow, and join other families eager to share and learn more about parenting, health, and happiness – party on!

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Blog Ready To Party On Facebook With Oh Baby Magazine?
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