Over the years, most pregnant mothers are rushed to the hospital when they go into labour preparing to give birth.  But there are a growing number of families in developed and developing countries, who are opting to give birth in non-clinical environments using what is described as natural childbirth methods or homebirths.

One of the reasons for selecting a homebirth is the intimacy and security of remaining in your own home.  Many women employ a midwife at home during the pregnancy, and develop a very trusting relationship with their care-taker.  The relationship allows the mother-to-be to feel safe and secure at home, which often makes a homebirth more appealing.

Many women also prefer the natural childbirth process, which minimizes the need for anesthetics, surgeries, or other techno-medical interventions before, during, or following the birthing process.  Most women are not opposed to emergency medical intervention if the need arises, but many mothers prefer to make intervention a last-resort option.

Insception Lifebank received feedback from a number of followers on Facebook in regards to whether they would consider a homebirth over a hospital birth.  Many of the responses reflect the divisive nature of homebirths, while also indicating that many people are looking for more information about the natural birthing option:

“I like that with my midwife, I have a choice of where I give birth.  Although I have to say, that maybe midwives might be underused, but it sure is really difficult to get into one.  There are tons of waiting lists.  There simply aren’t enough midwives to go around.” – Ashley Baron.

“I would never consider having my next child at home.  I found that while my delivery was routine, I felt really gross the entire time.  It was an uncomfortable few hours that I’d rather keep at a hospital and not in my sanctuary of a home.  Plus, what if a complication arises?  I’d rather be close to the doctors who can act quickly if necessary.” – Fátima Do Rosario Rodrigues

“I had all 3 of my children in a hospital, but have always wondered if I should have done it at home.  All my deliveries were pretty routine with no complications, so I wonder if it was necessary to be in a hospital.  I think if I were to do it again, I would look into doing it at home.” – Amanda Sullivan

“Nope.  That being said there aren’t enough midwifes in Ontario for the number of women looking for their services.  I found out I was pregnant around 6 weeks with my first and by then I had no chance for a midwife attended birth.  I ended up with an OB and a c-section which likely could have been avoided.  My second was with a midwife in a hospital (spontaneous/natural birth).  Any future children will also be delivered by midwifes (provided I can get in and I have no issues pop up that would require an OB).” – Marianne Rozak

“Personally, I prefer the hospital, but then again it was not and is not me giving birth.  As a parent my only concern having the baby at home is in the event a problem arises and a Dr is needed ASAP.” – Cliff Ritter

Would you consider a homebirth, or is the hospital the only place for you and your baby?  Let us know your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter.

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Blog Should There Be More Information Available Regarding Homebirths?
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