Health advocates advise the average person to drink 8 glasses of water each day for a healthy lifestyle.  But for pregnant women, it’s natural to increase their water intake because keeping hydrated is equally important for the health of the baby.

While pregnant, the body simply needs more water.  To support the fetus and placenta, your blood volume increases by up to 40%, and requires additional fluids to maintain this volume.  Water also helps supply nutrients to your unborn baby, and maintains your fetus’ amniotic fluid – which is essential for the baby to develop healthy lungs.

Drinking water and staying hydrated during pregnancy can also ease a number of common symptoms, including constipation and urinary tract infections – both of which are best to avoid in any circumstances, particularly during a pregnancy.

Health advocates also advise pregnant women to eat foods that are juicy or in liquid form.  Fruits, vegetables, soups, stews and yogurt are all excellent sources of nutrients that help the body stay hydrated, while caffeinated and alcoholic beverages are dehydrating.

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Blog The Importance Of Keeping Hydrated While Pregnant
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