Oh Baby! Magazine, one of Canada’s most renowned parenting publications, hosted its latest Facebook Party on June 19. The organizers invited interested parties to register for the event through Facebook, where parents and sponsors could submit questions in an open forum discussion of all things related to parenting.

We proudly sponsored Oh Baby! Magazine, and submitted a question to the open discussion forums.  Our sponsored question was ‘Would you consider banking your baby’s cord blood?  And, what are the major reasons why you would or wouldn’t?’

The discussion closed at 10pm EST on June 19, after hours of debate and feedback from 295 registered guests.  Many of the respondents said they have banked their baby’s cord blood, and are proud to have done so.  However, there was also a large sample of respondents who proclaimed that they never chose to bank their baby’s cord blood.  Two of the biggest reasons cited involved the cost of the process, and an insufficient amount of knowledge about the procedure.

To address some of these concerns, here is what we can do to help simplify the process:

1) WE ARE PLEASED TO OFFER A PAYMENT PLAN FOR AS LITTLE AS $98/MO.  This option is available when you choose PACKAGE 1 and select the 12 month payment plan (includes $45 administrative fee).  Applicable taxes and courier fees not included.


3) We are pleased to offer clients a flexible payment options for BOTH Package 1 and Package 2 – please see our New Fee Schedule for more information: https://insce.pt/14MoeR1.

4) We offer regular Parent Education Sessions in one or two week intervals at multiple locations across Canada.  These Education Sessions are regularly promoted on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.  Here is where you can find the latest Parent Education Schedule:  https://insce.pt/14j5M2d.  We also provide ONLINE SESSIONS ONCE every month for those who cannot make it to these education sessions.

5) We are dedicated to being the leader and trusted source of cord blood education in Canada.  We provide fact based information and education to healthcare professionals and their patients. Much of this information is broadcasted daily on our blog at www.insceptionblog.com, as well as under News on our main website. www.insception.com.  Add us to your news feed on Facebook, and you will receive the most topical and informative updates on cord blood banking.

6) Just keep visiting our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter @Insception  to stay in the loop!  For more questions or concerns, you may speak with a clinical consultant 1-866-606-2790 (toll free) or on our website online chat feature www.insception.com or email us at:  info@insception.com.  Hope you find this helpful!

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Blog Wrapping Up The Oh Baby! Magazine Facebook Party
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