1. Set up your gift registry

Click the link above to start your gift registry with your basic contact information. Choose the cord blood or cord blood and tissue storage plan you would like to add to your registry.

2. Complete enrollment

Our customer service team will call you to complete the cord blood enrollment process and confirm medical eligibility. We will confirm the final price with you, including any applicable fees, medical courier costs, and HST.

3. Share your gift registry with friends & family

Your registry is now ready to be shared! Friends and family can contribute any amount towards your cord blood or cord blood and tissue storage plan.

4. Receive your collection kit at 34 weeks

To ensure you are prepared well ahead of baby’s due date, we will ship your collection kit to your home when you are 34 weeks. Keep your collection kit ready with your hospital bag at room temperature. Bring it with you to your birthing facility. We will review your gift registry contributions at this point and bill you for any shortfall. But don’t worry – your registry will remain open until your little one arrives, and any additional contributions accumulated will be refunded to you at birth.

5. Cord blood collection, processing & storage

After your baby is born, cord blood and tissue are collected by your OBGYN or midwife. Cord blood and tissue is processed and your baby’s stem cells are safely and securely stored for the future.

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Cord Blood Gift Registry
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